Launching the Indy Idea Hub

Big communitywide challenges and transformative ideas. Indy’s best developer, data, and design talent hanging out in our coolest tech spaces. Elected officials and VIPs from every level of government. Indy’s civic innovation movement has certainly been good at generating excitement in the two years since its inception.

What we’ve been less good at is actually carrying solutions through to implementation. As it turns out, caffeine and pizza fueled hackathons aren’t the best environments when you want to develop a product that will go on to be deployed by a state agency or utilized en masse by the public. Too often the event’s collective work gets thrown out at the end of the weekend along with the boxes full of stale pizza.

To change that dynamic, the Open Indy Brigade is launching the Indy Idea Hub, an extended collaborative hackathon that will allow volunteer project teams to identify, develop, and pitch civic technology solutions over a three-month period. By removing the time constraints and competitive environment of a traditional hackathon, the Indy Idea Hub hopes to enable larger, more diverse teams to work in concert and deliver an end product more likely to achieve implementation.

What projects will Indy Idea Hub teams work on? Well, that’s up to you. The Open Indy Brigade is collecting project suggestions from the public now through July 31st. Ever have an idea for an app or a website that improves how the public engages with a state or city agency? Here’s your chance to make it a reality. Click here to submit your idea.

The top three concepts will be announced at the Indy Idea Hub Project Launch August 11th at the new downtown Speak Easy. Project leads will pitch the general concept and start building the teams that will develop solutions over the next three months. Project teams will pitch their final products at our November meetup.

So submit your ideas and join us August 11th to kick off this exciting new collaborative hack. Whether you are a content matter expert looking for an app developer or a data scientist looking for a public sector partner, we need your help to take civic innovation in Indy to the next level!