Open Indy Brigade is an advocate for the use of public data and open source technology to better inform and engage citizens in Central Indiana. We are technologists, subject matter experts, innovators and activists who share a passion for our community and a common mission to create a data-driven, twenty-first century government. By making data more accessible, usable and relatable, we seek to convene Central Indiana’s diverse community of citizens to address common challenges.  We believe that developing a strong connection among technology, government and community will result in better public accountability, trust and engagement.  The collaboration of these groups will help develop a culture of innovation that attracts Central Indiana’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

The Open Indy Brigade provides a central hub of those interested in using open data and open-source development to improve their communities including:

• Bringing government services into the 21st century using current technologies

• Making government services more accessible and usable for the average citizen

• Promoting the availability of open data – detailed data sets that are relevant to all citizens and can enable innovative applications

• Enabling new relationships and insights to be discovered by combining different open data sets

• Creating applications that could be used in other communities

Please join us for an evening as we discuss open data efforts in Indy and across the state!

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