AT&T, Open Indy Brigade team up for Internet of Things Civic Hackathon

I get really passionate when discussing two topics…technology and civics. If you’re like most people, tech trends and the latest gadgets are all the rage, but politics? No thank you. Well, I have that “special” genetic defect that’s caused me from an early age to want to get involved and help impact public policies to improve my community. What could be better than exploring the use of new technologies to make a difference in the lives of others? I’m super excited about a really unique event coming up on Friday and Saturday, April 29th and 30th.

AT&T is partnering with the Open Indy Brigade, tech industry leaders, and government partners to create a special IoT and Civic Hackathon at the NEW Launch Fishers.

The AT&T Developer team is going to bring a bunch of hardware (Harman Omni 10, mBed Boards, Rasberry Pis, Arduino Yuns, etc.) and challenge developers to build interesting applications using our M2X API. Additionally, our friends at the Indiana Management & Performance Hub (MPH) will be bringing massive public data sets to help us tackle Indiana’s growing problem of drug addiction to heroine and methamphetamines.

Build an app that helps monitor air quality or water safety? Create a heat map to help local law enforcement target troubled neighborhoods? Combine the two and build sensors that detect meth lab locations? Your imagination and building skills are the only limit. We’ll have hardware, data, food, and prizes and promise a great opportunity for networking and innovation. I hope we’ll see you April 29th and 30th at the NEW Launch Fishers.

Bill Soards
President, AT&T Indiana