Our purpose:

If government websites aren’t usable, what’s the use? Open Indy Brigade’s Civic UX Project is dedicated to making the apps and websites of local governments across Central Indiana more user-friendly for all citizens.

What we’ve done:

  • We researched and created a list of standards to use as criteria to judge the user-friendliness of government websites. These standards were reviewed by experts in user experience.
  • We developed an evaluation form to help us quickly review websites based on our standards.
  • We reviewed several websites according to the standards, including the current IN.gov website and the Indiana Office of Technology’s design mockups for agency webpages.

Current work:

  • We continue to work with the Indiana Office of Technology on the redesign of IN.gov.
  • We are also developing automated open-source software to test the accessibility of websites. We’ll post a link to it soon!

Next up:

We will continue to conduct expert reviews and user research on existing websites and redesigns of websites and apps.

Government agencies and organizations: Want our help?

  • Check out our flyer on what we can do for your organization or agency.
  • Contact Rachel Mahan, UX Lead, at rachel@openindybrigade.com.
  • We’d love to chat: Join us for one of our meetings at Quills Coffee every Tuesday (details below).

Volunteers: We need you!

  • Are you interested in UX research? Are you a designer? Do you work in state or local government? Do you simply want to make Indiana a better place to live?
  • By participating, you not only get to hang out with a bunch of smart, motivated people, but you also get experience in a new field, resume-boosting material, and connections in government and the local tech industry. Plus, you get the satisfaction of ensuring that local and state government websites are helpful and user-friendly for all citizens.

Want more info?

  • Join the conversation on Slack! Request to join the Ansible Network, which houses our group’s channel. Once your request has been approved, join the #oib-civic-ux channel for updates on meetings and news about our group.
  • We meet most Tuesday nights from 5:30-6:30 PM at Quills Coffee, 335 West 9th Street in Indianapolis. Check our Slack channel to make sure we’re meeting when you want to join. If this time and place don’t work in your schedule but you still want to participate or find out more, please still reach out! You can still participate virtually.
  • Email us at rachel@openindybrigade.com.