Indy’s first extended collaborative civic hackathon has launched!


Over the past couple of months, the Open Indy Brigade collected your ideas for how to better engage/empower/inform the Indianapolis community through technology and data. We received a lot of creative and potentially transformative ideas – so THANK YOU!

Now, the Open Indy Brigade has selected three of the best concepts to further develop as part of this first class of Indy Idea Hub projects. Over the next three months, volunteer teams with diverse skill sets will work in collaboration to take these projects from the idea stage to a minimally viable product.

Project #1: Crime Mapping – Create a tool to better monitor and communicate criminal activity for the public.

Project #2: Indy Idea Hub – Create a page for the Open Indy Brigade to better collect ideas for civic innovation and connect like-minded teams to move ideas forward.

Project #3: ‘Stuff I want to Know’ – Create a single location where the public can find a variety of publicly available, but often difficult to find information.

Learn more about the projects and sign up to be part of a team by joining our Slack network.

Why did the Open Indy Brigade feel the need to create an extended collaborative civic hackathon? Understand the method to our madness HERE.

While the submission deadline for this first class of Indy Idea Hub projects has passed, we still want your ideas! Use the form below to tell us a little bit about yourself and your idea and we’ll consider it for another Indy Idea Hub project class in the future.

Enter your project idea here (and please considering being a lead or subject matter expert):