wordle-4-transparency-camp20101 Open data is the foundation of civic tech.  Engaged citizens can help their community only if data is available.  While some data has been available on public websites for a number of years, to truly unlock the potential of open data it must be:

  • Complete – Adequate history to enable useful insights
  • Described – Documentation provided so that developers and other concerned citizen can use it correctly
  • Freely available – Not hindered by licensing agreements
  • Machine readable – Able to be readily used by developers
  • Maintained – Data available on an on-going basis and not just a one-time static data set

Open Indy Brigade understands how difficult it can be to provide public data due to privacy and other regulation.  Therefore, we are committed to helping create useful data sets to be used for the improvement and good of the community.  As a first step towards that goal, Open Indy Brigade has performed the very first open data review in Indiana.  The document describes the state of open data in Indiana and provides a qualitative review of various open data sites available today.

This document will be updated at least yearly and we encourage discussion about the content and help in improving the open data landscape for all citizens.