On May 18th, 2015 the White House launched the Police Data Initiative to highlight the promising progress that cities are making in enhancing community policing. Last December, President Obama created the Task Force on 21st Century Policing to better understand specific policing challenges and help communities identify actions they can take to improve law enforcement and enhance community engagement. Since that time, we have seen law enforcement agencies around the country working harder than ever to make the promise of community policing a reality.

Indianapolis launched Project Comport as part of this broader initiative on November 14th, 2015 during a data launch meet-up hosted by our Brigade. Dr. David Wantz Indianapolis Public Safety Director and IMPD Major David Robinson gave an overview of this program and it’s importance. The data is available on the city’s open data portal (shown below) found at data.indy.gov. Check out pictures of the launch event Indy Police Data Initiative Launch Event!

Indianapolis Open Data Portal

Citizens came together to build some initial dashboards on top of this data driving instant insights. Check out the dashboard below built by Brigade core team member Brian Norris. The Brigade will continue to work with public service leaders to harness this information and drive positive community benefit.